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970 Series

The robust 970 Roundback Rotary Cutter has an 84" cutting width. It works well with 60 horsepower and larger tractors. The 970 provides the cutting power to slash its way through heavy brush and small trees up to 4" diameter. The 970 is perfect for maintaining the farm or the roadside. The smooth top deck design prevents build-up of debris or other cuttings and makes cleanup fast and easy. The free swinging blades, heavy-duty stump jumper, and slip clutch protects the gearbox and the driveline from damage. The dual wheels tend to keep the blades from cutting onto the ground on uneven terrain with mounds, low lying areas, ridges, or cuts.


Download 970 Roundback Table – Titan 970 Table.png


Download Manual – 970 (1200 – 1600) Series Owner’s Manual


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