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The Rock Bucket is made from top quality steel and is ideal for sifting out large rocks. It works great in pastures, lawns or construction sites, and will catch any rock or piece of debris that is larger than 2– 3/8″. The rock bucket comes standard with 3/4 x 6 cutting edge and is upgraded to 1 x 8 edge when optional teeth are added.

Our X-treme Rock Bucket is bigger is better. It comes with 3” tine spacing, 3/8” tines, and dual 1 ¼” rods to reinforce the 5” tall rock dam. Our X-treme rock bucket also has fully welded front tines in place of cutting edge.

The IronCraft Compact Tractor and Standard Duty Rock Buckets offer a similar design to our X-treme version, but in a stepped down size for smaller machines.

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